Honest Delhi policeman returns wallet full of cash to owner

The story of a police sub-inspector who returned a wallet to a Delhi business man which was filled with Rs 50,000 has become widely spread on social media. The wallet contained the equivalent of £600 along with all of the man’s ID cards. On the morning of January 7th Jagreet Singh lost his wallet when he had to stop and push start his car when it had broken down. Luckily traffic cop Madan Singh noticed that a cyclist had picked up the wallet on the street and accepted the responsibility of returning it to its rightful owner.

The 54 year old policeman used one of the cards in the wallet to contact the man not long after he had noticed his wallet missing. The man had lost hope of finding his wallet with the cash still inside as he is quoted as saying: “Sub-inspector Singh told me to come to Nizamuddin and collect the wallet. I thought he must have found an empty wallet with only my identity card. Nevertheless I went there because it is difficult to make new voter identity and other identity cards.”

When Jagreet collected his wallet he was surprised to find every Rupee still there, he praised Singh’s honesty “It is rare to find an honest man such as Singh. I even offered him Rs 5,000 for his honesty but he refused saying he was only doing his duty. This was a story I had to share to the world. I did not know it would go viral. Singh was even shy to pose for a photograph but I convinced him.” Madan Singh’s boss has praised his efforts and will reward him accordingly in hopes that others will get inspiration from the story.

Singh’s actions were very honourable, would you give the wallet back? Let us know your thoughts. #BritAsiaTV