1984 Sikh Genocide Rememberance

Sikhs around the world have come together today to remember and pray for those Sikhs who were murdered in 1984.

In June of that year, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered a military assault, ‘Operation Blue Star’, on the most significant religious center for the Sikhs, Darbar Sahib (i.e. the Golden Temple), in Amritsar, Punjab – many Sikh civilians were killed.

On the 31st October, Indira’s 2 Sikh bodyguards killed her for ordering the attack on Harmandir Sahib. This sparked an attack against the Sikhs once again, with thousands of genocidal killings of Sikhs around the country.

According to official reports, within three days, nearly 3000 Sikhs had been murdered. Unofficial death estimates are far higher. Over thirty years later, those who survived the violence have not yet received justice.

Music artists and those in the industry have taken to their social media platforms to spread their messages and thoughts with the hashtag #neverforget1984

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1984 • Tyres represent the thousands who had them forcefully placed over their heads by the mobs and burnt alive. Tanks represent the storming of the holiest of places for Sikhs. Bullets represent the countless killings, attacks and rape that pierced the heart of many then and now. The Black and white to symbolise the hair and darkness of the act by the then, Prime Minister of India. The Ninth Guru who sacrificed his physical being to save a religion. Bhagat Singh, who was hung fighting hard for the independence of India to unite all in the nation. And lastly, a sea of flowers of all those who died from such a tragedy. • Whether it’s fighting for injustices in 2020 or that of the scenes on June 1, 1984 – its the resistance that makes for history and will never be forgotten. This piece serves in memory of the many innocent lives lost (and for those still enduring pain) from the tragedy which took place after 'OPERATION BLUESTAR' in 1984. The day the Indian Army entered the complex of the holiest of places for Sikhs, the Golden Temple in Amritsar (Harmandir Sahib). Many died, many had their hands tied with their own turbans and shot and many live to be haunted by those tragic scenes mourning family members who will not come back. • Sometimes all we need to do is reflect. A reminder on sacrifices, unity and peace. Under the heavens we are but one family it’s just that somewhere along the way, …we seem to forget that. • 👳🏽‍♂️💙

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today marks 36 years since the beginning of the Sikh genocide in 1984. this isn’t a topic you’ll read about in history books, but we will NEVER ever forget the innocent lives that were lost 💔 also, Jagtar Singh Johal has been held in detention (without charge) since 2017. he was abducted in Punjab by plain clothed officers and subject to 3rd degree torture 😭 his family haven’t heard from him since September 2019 & have no update on his wellbeing during the Covid19 pandemic 💔 I feel so helpless with everything going on in the world, but I know I have a platform and may be able to help in some way, so if anybody has suggestions on how I can get involved please leave them in the comments below or DM me 🙏🏾 #neverforget1984 #freejagginow

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Waheguru Ji Sb te Mehar karo🙏

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Check out ‘Sant Sipahi’, by G.S Nawepindiya, G-Funk and Ashok Prince – a song dedicated to the 1984 Sikh Genocide.


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