27 Years of The Clothes Show Live

For 27 years The Clothes Show Live has graced the hall’s of the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The 2016 event will mark it’s last. The event showcases the best in fashion, beauty and music and offers consumers the opportunity to experience fashion in new and intuitive ways. The show is the biggest of it’s kind in the UK and attracts a younger demographic. The 2016 show saw over 350 pop-up fashion and beauty boutiques, inside expert trend reports, exclusive styles and expert advice.


This year the Fashion Theatre was given the name “Rock The Runway” and boy did they! The traditional runway fashion show was literally rocked by Charlotte OC and Daecolm. They both performed their hits amongst the cool and collected strutting runway models. The show was also complimented with Alex Todd smashing out a blistering overdub of drums for the show. With a plethora of bloggers and celebs consumers undoubtedly took a high volume of ‘selfies’.


The event saw over 350 fashion and beauty boutiques covering the entire hall at the NEC. Everything from UV body paint to Protein Powder called ‘Cute’ was available. A distinct difference from previous years is the lack of big fashion brands. The show showcased some of the best emerging brands including London based footwear company ‘Shoe Embassy’. Another highlighted brand was ‘Bomb Cosmetics’ who make some of the most fragrant soaps in the market. The brand passionately declare their soap is one hundred per cent hand made.

img_0974 img_0981

The Clothes Show Live will now move location from Birmingham to Liverpool. The show will also change it’s long standing tradition of being a end of year event and move the timing of the show to the summer. The re-brand will also involve a name change to ‘British Style Collective’.

Is this a good move for the brand? Let us know your thoughts #BritAsiaTV