Workout routines of 5 Bollywood stars revealed!

Its #WorldHealthDay! So we’re celebrating by revealing 5 Bollywood stars’ favourite workout routines!

Priyanka Chopra

Playing an FBI agent in Quantico means that keeping fit is extremely important to Priyanka as she performs all her own stunts!

Priyanka admits that she isn’t a gym freak, and prefers to focus on cardio exercises such as running on the treadmill, spinning, push-ups and lunges. Reports claim that Yoga is also an important part of her fitness routine- to help cleanse her mind, body and soul.

One of Priyanka’s main secret when it comes to fitness is ensuring she keeps a balanced diet.  In an interview with Women’s Health she said “Life is just really fast-paced and you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym…You don’t have to starve yourself …I love having my pizzas and burgers and Buffalo wings, on the side, for sure. But I like staying fit as well.”

John Abraham

It’s thought that John follows a rigorous exercise regime and strict vegetarian diet. His diet consists of six meals a day. Each meal is packed with carbohydrates (to gain weight), protein and a small amount of fibre.

Reports claim that the actor works out 6 days a week with the flexible schedule which is thought to change depending on the film he is in.

Here’s example of a typical workout regime he follows; Monday- Chest and Triceps, Tuesday-Back and Abs, Wednesday- Cardio, Thursday- Legs, Friday- Shoulders and Biceps and returning back to Cardio on a Saturday!-WOW!

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s favourite exercise regimes reportedly include Pilates as well as cardio, strength and weight training.

She also enjoys yoga to help clear her mind.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer’s workout regime also is dependent on the film he is working on.

He supposedly works out twice a day for an hour and a half each time.

Reports claim that a typical day in the gym for Ranveer includes High Intensity Training (HIT). This involves ‘dips, thrusters, pushups, pull-ups and burpees; to build his core strength.

In an interview, the actor offered some advice about exercising; “I was chubby as a kid, and started lifting weights to lose weight when I was 16. Looking back, I would say wait until you are 19 or 20. Swim, cycle, run, or play a sport instead. Also, drink a lot of water; it helps cleanse your system.”

Ranveer also tries to avoid alcohol from his diet as it is known to weaken the immune system and cut down body building.

Alia Bhatt

Alia also enjoys Pilates which focuses on strengthening the core.

She also takes part in weight training once a week to build muscle and remain toned.

What does your exercise regime include? Let us know. #BritAsiaTV