A Tribute to Punjabi Folk Singer S.S Makhan Singh Johal on His Birthday

A tribute to Punjabi folk singer S.S. Makhan Singh Johal, has been produced by Steel Banglez to commemorate the 4×4 Bhangra group singer on his Birthday.

On 13 May 2020, singer of 4×4 Bhangra group, Makhan Singh Johal, passed away.

He left behind a legacy that would extend beyond his family and friends — as he was widely recognised in the industry for his Punjabi folk singing, contributions to Bhangra and also dabbled in Kabaddi.

To commemorate Mr Johal on his Birthday, his son, brothers and Steel Banglez, have created a heartfelt tribute to honour the late S.S Makhan Singh Johal.

In the video, it begins with a eulogy spoken by his son:

“My heart still aches in sadness,
My secret tears still flow,
For what it meant to lose you,
no-one will ever know.
God looked around his garden,
and found an empty place,
then he looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face.
he put his arms around you and lifted you to rest,
god’s garden must be beautiful – he always takes the best.
he knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain.
he knew that you will never get well on earth again…”

Watch the full tribute here:

On the day of his passing, family and friends took to Twitter using the hashtag #MakhanSinghJohal to express their condolences and shared memories of the family man and singer.

Suki Randhawa said: “Woke up this morning to hear this sad news #MakhanSinghJohal sadly passed away, he dedicated his life to #Bhangra #Kabaddi and #CommunityWork may parji Rest In Peace and you will be missed this is how we want to remember parji at his special birthday @jazzyb

The group, 4×4 Bhangra said “Our older brother and senior member #MakhanSinghJohal sadly passed away in the early hours of today. May Waheguru provide solace and support to all his family and friends at this most difficult of times. Paji you will never be forgotten and will live forever in our hearts”

BritAsia TV also expresses remembrance to Makhan Singh Johal, including his friends and family at this time, as we share this tribute to a man who will be missed by many.



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