B Praak shifting to Mumbai!

Music director B Praak, who bears gruelling travel schedules for movie assignments but never even imagines to migrate from hometown Chandigarh.

“Sometimes I have flown back in a day because I miss my home a lot. Whole life I have worked in Chandigarh. Frankly speaking, main Mumbai vich reh nahi sakda. I go there, work and come back. Eh jada easy haiga mere lai,” said B Praak, whose family home is in Sector 20.

His love for Chandigarh is something which will never be compromised. “Meri rooh aithe vasdi hai (I share a spiritual connect with Chandigarh). There have been times when travelling gets too much, but then ghar aa kar jo sukoon mujhey milta hai that’s priceless.” B Praak feel his creativity heightens when he is in his room. I thank Mumbai for accepting me,’ says B Praak!




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