Balwinder Safri – UK Artists Pay Tribute

UK Bhangra industry pays tribute to Balwinder Safri
UK Bhangra industry pays tribute to Balwinder Safri

Born in 1959 in Punjab, India, Mr. Balwinder Safri spent most of his life in the UK and was a reknown bhangra artist. He stepped into the entertainment world in the 80s with Ashoka Group before forming a band called Safri Boyz.

The 63-year-old was most known for his songs like “Chan Mere Makhna,” “Pao Bhangra, and “Paar Linghade.”

A familiar name in the punjabi entertainment industry, his demise has affected his thousands of  fans. People from all over the world are paying tribute to the late Punjabi artist.

Despite being a public figure, the Punjabi artist kept his personal life away from the media and the public.

Balwinder Safri, a Punjabi singer & bhangra artist, died at the age of 63.

On Friday 29th July the UK bhangra industry united and paid tribute live on Brit Asia TV featuring the likes of A. S Kang. Achanak, Apna Sangeet, Dipps Bhamra, His manager and the legendary Surinder Shinda.

In an emotional show artist paid tributes with the following artists saying the below:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Balwinder Safri’s Friends and Family and send out my deepest condolences. We will cherish the memories and his music will live on forever. He will live on in our hearts always”. – Sardara Gill

“With the untimely passing of Safri, the punjabi music industry has suffered a huge loss but the loss is unimaginable to the family of Balwinder Safri who are suffering right now, I will be there for them through this time. I pray that God gives him rest in his grace and his family peace and strength”. – Jandu Litherawala

“He was a great singer, he was a team player and we were together always and did everything together. I pray that God gives his soul rest”. – A.S. Kang

“It is a big loss to the bhangra industry, he was a brilliant singer and had a unique voice. His friends and family and I, myself miss him a lot. His work still exists and we can listen to him all the time. Wherever he is i hope he is happy and pray God gives his soul rest”. – K.S Bhamra

“First and foremost I pray for Balwinder’s soul and that God gives him rest. I also pray for his family and those that loved him that God give them strength”. – Vijay (Achanak)

“Very few individuals have opportunities to influence the world and to leave an impact. One thing i can say is that to anybody who is associated with Safri Boyz, with Safri is that he did have that impact. For generations to come, for years to come they will continue to play his music, you’ll hear that. Whilst he is no longer with us today his legacy will continue for generations to come. I think he alongside other bands played a significant part in taking bhangra to a global phenomena that it is. He won’t be forgotten and his music won’t be forgotten”. – Narinder Johal