BBC Local Radio Stations Unite to Hear the Real-Life Stories behind Race and Covid-19

This week, all 39 BBC local radio stations across England joined forces in a one-hour special, ‘Race and Covid-19’ , to explore the impact of coronavirus on minority ethnic populations and to interrogate the striking data about the disproportionate impact on Black, Asian and other ethnic minority populations.

Presenters Karen Gabay (BBC Radio Manchester), Summaya Mughal (BBC Leicester) and Dotun Adebayo (BBC Radio London) broadcast a live programme from London, Manchester and Leicester to explore this research and to hear the powerful human stories behind the figures. They explored the reasons why coronavirus is disproportionately affecting black, Asian and ethnic minorities across England.

Linking in with local community radio stations in each area, ‘Race and Covid-19’ investigates the data that has prompted the government to announce a review into the impact that Coronavirus is having on ethnic minorities.

The Radio special is available on BBC Sounds.

Check it out below:


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