The BritAsia TV World Music Awards 2017 promotes the empowerment of Asian females

This year’s BritAsia TV World Music Awards is all about girl power, we’ve got Mandy Takhar hosting the evening and Jasmin Walia, Rameet Sandhu and Rupali performing on stage. These ladies will take to the stage and fill the room with their charisma and amazing vocal skills.

The nominations for the awards also feature a category for best female act with Jasmin Walia, Sarika Gill, Rupali, Sunanda Sharma and Jasmine Sandlas up for the award. These women have become well-known names in the Asian music scene and have held their own as respected artists in what can be a male-dominated industry. Although many of the biggest names in the Punjabi music scene are male there is a steady increase in women getting more screen-time for their music. 2017 has already seen big hits from artists such as Rameet and Jasmine Sandlas, Rameet leads the song ‘Talli Hogiya’ alongside Curtis Young and Dr Zeus and Jasmine released ‘Laddu’ with Gary Sandhu. Although these songs include a male presence the ladies steal the show with their vocal prowess and are as equally talented as their male counterparts.

Women are taking the Asian entertainment industry by storm and this is crucial for those aspiring female singers, we hope that by featuring more female artists at the BritAsia TV World Music Awards we encourage others to follow suit.

Tickets to the BritAsia TV World Music Awards 2017 can be found here. Make sure you go and vote for your favourite artists! #BritAsiaTV