Brown Girl’s Guide To Brown Lips: Mid-Range

Kiran gives BritAsia TV viewers an insight into her favourite mid-range lipstick! This is the second of a three part series.

Mid-Range: Giorgio Armani & MAC-

I recently uploaded a post on Instagram about this combination, so it is only fair I mention it in my favourite lipstick combinations right? Not as pricey as the Christian Louboutin combo, but not exactly a ‘drug-store’ combination either, this sits perfectly in the mid-range of my budget.

Yes, you’ve got it! I am talking about my adored Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ lipstick in the shade ‘202’ paired with my new favourite lip liner of all times – MAC’s ‘Pro-longwear’ lip pencil in the shade ‘Morning Coffee’. Again, like the Christian Louboutin combination, I like to line and fill my lips with the lip pencil, before dabbing my shade of lipstick gently over my lips.


Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ – ‘202’ and MAC ‘Pro Longwear’ lip pencil – ‘Morning Coffee’

I, personally, love the shade the Mac lip liner, again, it’s a little darker than the lipstick but I feel like blending the two shades together gives me the most perfect autumnal brown lip, which again I have working for the last couple of months.


MAC ‘Pro Longwear’ Lip pencil – ‘Morning Coffee’

The finish of the ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ lipstick is simply divine, it’s rich and creamy, leaving a very satin finish; which again works perfect with the Mac lip liner, as I often find that the lip liner tends to dry my lips a little. The lipstick again is very long lasting, and I don’t find myself topping my lips up much over the course of the day. I am the sort of person that puts my make up on in the morning, and expects it to last, with minimal touch up’s required!


Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ – ‘202’


Again, I adore the packaging of the lipstick the most. I love the vibrant red bottle, but what I enjoy the most is the magnetic click – the little touches matter the most to me clearly! I hate loosing lids in my bag, whether that be lipstick lids or pen lids (believe me it’s happened way to many times, for me to not learn from my mistake), I just cannot afford to ruin the inside lining of my bags! Therefore the magnetic click works perfectly for me, as I know for a fact that the lid will not fall off in my bag and cause a big mess!


Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ – ‘202’

Finally, here are some selfies, so you can see the final look..

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Giorgio Armani make up can be bought from a range of places in the UK, including House of Fraser , Debenhams , Selfridges and finally Shop Style.

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