Ammy Virk stars alongside Sonam Bajwa in NEW Punjabi movie!

Punjabi sensation Ammy Virk is set to star in his fourth Punjabi movie, this time featuring in the upcoming film Nikka Zaildar – starring...

Mickey Singh and The PropheC collaborate for ‘Naina’

Urban-Asian superstars Mickey Singh and The PropheC collaborate once again for the new single ‘Naina’.   Mickey Singh and The PropheC are no strangers to the...

Jenny Johal unleashes new single ‘Chandigarh Rehn Waliye’!

Female Punjabi sensation Jenny Johal is back with her next track Chandigarh Rehn Waliye produced by Desi Crew. This track features additional rap by...

Bups Saggu releases next dancefloor hit ‘Lalkaare’

Music producer Bups Saggu is BACK, providing yet again another desi-dancefloor filler in the form of ‘Lalkaare’, this time featuring Money Aujla! Bups Saggu has...

Comedic song ‘Bapu Sada Kehnda’ will have you laughing for hours!

The single ‘Bapu Sada Kehnda’ has now officially released worldwide. The original concept, created by viners Pardeep Sanghera and Sabby Singh, features music producer...

Bikram Singh releases ‘Rusiya Na Kar’ collaborating with The PropheC!

Bikram Singh has released his first single of 2016 in the form of ‘Rusiya Na Kar’ with music production provided by The PropheC. Bikram Singh...

DJ Gurps features on BIG collaboration alongside Fateh, Deep Jandu & Romie Gill!

UK’s DJ Gurps is set to feature on a very special collaboration, co-producing the single ‘Branda Da Craze’ alongside Deep Jandu. As well as...

Akhil set to release ‘Teri Kami’ out on 25th August!

Akhil is set to melt hearts once again this summer with the release of his next single entitled ‘Teri Kami’ releasing on 25th August! Akhil...

Jassie Gill unleashes his next collaboration entitled ‘Gabbroo’ featuring Preet Hundal!

Punjabi playback vocalist and actor Jassie Gill unleashes his next single entitled ‘Gabbroo’ with music production by renowned music director and lyricist Preet Hundal. Jassie...

Latest music news

Gurdas Maan breaks silence over one nation one language

Gurdas Maan speaks out how he was misinterpreted over ‘one nation, one language’

Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan’s much awaited song “Gal Sunoh Punjabi Dosto” got released on Wednesday. The song chronicles the controversy that the Punjabi singer...
Family announce funeral details for Balwinder Safri

Funeral Announced For Balwinder Safer

The funeral for Balwinder Safri was announced today which will be open to the public to attend and pay their respects which will be...
UK Bhangra industry pays tribute to Balwinder Safri

Balwinder Safri – UK Artists Pay Tribute

Born in 1959 in Punjab, India, Mr. Balwinder Safri spent most of his life in the UK and was a reknown bhangra artist. He...
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