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Kanika Kapoor releases ‘Luv Letter’ featuring Meet Bros!

Bollywood playback vocalist Kanika Kapoor has released her next feel-good anthem of the year in the form of ‘Luv Letter’ once again collaborating with...
Manj Musik, Sunny Leone and Raftaar

EXCLUSIVE: Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur & Raftaar set to release new single…featuring Sunny Leone!

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in set to make a very special cameo appearance in a music video. The brand new track is by power...

Latest music news

Family announce funeral details for Balwinder Safri

Funeral Announced For Balwinder Safer

The funeral for Balwinder Safri was announced today which will be open to the public to attend and pay their respects which will be...
UK Bhangra industry pays tribute to Balwinder Safri

Balwinder Safri – UK Artists Pay Tribute

Born in 1959 in Punjab, India, Mr. Balwinder Safri spent most of his life in the UK and was a reknown bhangra artist. He...

Brit Asia Tv Announce Live TV Tribute To Balwinder Safri

Brit Asia Tv will hosting a live tribute to Balwinder Safri on Friday 29th July from 8pm and Tuesday 2nd August 8pm. Artists from all...
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