Foundation- Is the struggle really real?

If it is, let me be of service to you.

So recently, in the makeup industry there has been such a positive change in shade range giving olive, brown and darker skinned individuals more of a varying option when it comes down to choosing the right foundation. We all know the struggle of not wanting to look too light or too orange or even too ‘cakey’, and I feel like the foundations that I’m about to go into more detail with do this perfectly for Asian skin. Keep in mind that the application of  foundations, in general, really does change depending on your skin type. My skin type is ‘combination-’ it’s always best to find foundations that are specific to your own skin type.

If there was such a thing as a ride or die foundation it would easily be the Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ foundation. Huda released this foundation back in 2017 and to this day it remains my ultimate favourite foundation purely for its sleek and buildable coverage. Personally, I wear the shade ‘Amaretti’ and I find this matches my skin perfectly, the buildable coverage allows me to gain both day and night time use from it- however, this particular shade may not be suited to everyone, but Huda Beauty’s collection has a wide range of ‘middle shades,’ the category which South Asians would typically fall under- allowing the foundation to cater to a wider audience. The overall finish of the foundation is dewy as well as this revives your skin, giving it a healthy glow. This typically retails at around £32.

Next, is the Estee Lauder ‘Double Wear’ foundation– which I wear in the shade ‘Tawny.’ I’d typically use this foundation for a day look as it is not overbearing and keeps my face looking natural. This foundation is quick and easy to apply and is perfect for day-to-day use. The foundation places itself perfectly on the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling heavy. With this foundation, it is easily buildable so you are easily able to achieve a full glam look with the ‘Double Wear’ foundation as well as the day-to-day vibe. The shade range contains 30 different shades, the ‘middle range’ is wide enough to cover the majority of Asian skin colours, so there’s always options to find the colour best suited to you. When sampling this foundation in-store be sure to check it in natural light, the store lighting changes the reality of the foundations’ colour. This is key with this foundation because after it has been applied, around 10-15 or so minutes later, it oxidises and tends to slightly change colour. Just be aware of this when purchasing this foundation. The finish of the foundation is matte, so if you’re after a sleek look (for both day and night)- this foundation is for you! The price of the ‘Double Wear’ foundation is £34.

And the final favourite of mine is the Dior ‘Forever Skin Glow’ foundation in the shade 3wo. The medium coverage foundation let’s you decide on how much you want to build the coverage up. It leaves your face feeling and looking hydrated, radiant and gives it the ultimate dewy glow without looking shiny- the light and airy application of the foundation lets your skin breath underneath. Amazingly, the foundation is perfect for all skin types. But compared to the other two foundations- the shade range is limited with the collection only having 24 colours- but there is still a wide enough range to find your perfect shade. This gorgeous foundation retails at £37- a little more costly than the others but is 100% worth it!

Written by Simran Bagry


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