Gurdas Maan speaks out how he was misinterpreted over ‘one nation, one language’

Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan’s much awaited song “Gal Sunoh Punjabi Dosto” got released on Wednesday. The song chronicles the controversy that the Punjabi singer landed into after advocating the idea of ‘one nation, one language’ in 2019.

The song reveals hardships Maan went through after his support for ‘one nation, one language’ idea was perceived contrary to what he really wanted to convey.

Through the song, Maan talks to the people of Punjab refuting the controversy that generated a notion that he was against Punjabi language for he had supported move of ‘one nation, one language’.

The 8 minute 27 seconds video shows Mann surrounded by haters while he clarifies his statement made back then.

Mann also thanks people who supported him during his substandard phase in the song.

After an interview on a Punjabi radio station in Canada in which he seemed to be toeing the “one nation, one language” line, the singer had received criticism from Punjabis and the Punjabi diaspora.


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