Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day!

If you’re struggling to think of how to stay relaxed, don’t worry we have put together our favourite ways to de-stress and unwind.

Relaxation Day

Take a long bath

What better way than sinking into a steaming hot bath after a long day at work? Baths are an inexpensive way to relax and reduce stress.

Taking a bath can help soothe your skin, calm your atmosphere and allow a temporary feeling of escape from your worries. Feel the warmth of the water on your skin, and let go of all the other thoughts that overwhelmed you. After a few minutes, you should feel relaxed. Happy soaking!

Candles by a bubble bath

We suggest adding in a few drops of Olverum bath oil which is a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils which combine to ease stress and relax tension in both the mind and body. A couple of drops of this in your bath will have you feeling in sheer bliss.

Pamper yourself!

It’s time to pamper yourself.

7th Heaven have great face masks and you are spoilt for choice! Face masks and spa treatments are one of the best ways to relieve stress and bring your skin back to life.

To really give yourself the pamper treatment, Palmers have a great selection of facial products that will leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Palmers products

A couple of hours of pampering your skin, will have you glowing and looking refreshed!

Take part in Yoga

Your breath gets harder when you get stressed out. Harvard Health Publications shows that stress can lead to heart disease and it can get worse as it is associated with higher risk of cancer.

In any entry level meditation class, breathing is introduced as the very basic relaxation techniques. Focusing your attention on your breath is one of the simplest thing anyone can do to reduce stress.


Controlling your breath can help reduce everyday stress, boost your energy and mood. Stress is always associated with thinking too much. So, stop thinking too much, take a deep breath because relief could be just a few breaths away…

Be grateful

Relaxation doesn’t have to take up lots of your time. Make a list of all the things that make you grateful for life. This is the easiest activity you can do to celebrate National Relaxation Day. Count your blessings, this will shift your negative thoughts to positive.

Relaxation Day

Written by Stephanie Silitonga & Amy Lehal


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