Island Records UK sign Urban-Asian artist Arjun!

Urban-Asian superstar Arjun was on hand to share some HUGE news with his fans, as he signed his first ever mainstream deal, signing with Island Records UK via the label’s Dcypha Productions imprint.

Arjun has been a rising star within the music industry, establishing himself as an individual who is able to fuse together the Eastern and Western genres in a unique way. His musical catalogue features a lot of cover tracks and remixes of Hindi, R&B and Bhangra tracks, adding his own unique twist to each track, which has allowed Arjun to really stand out from the crowd.



Arjun was scouted by celebrated UK rapper Sway, and the duo collaborated on an independent release earlier this year in the form of Frozen – before Arjun was offered a deal by the Dcypha Productions team.



Darcus Beese, President, Island Records, said: “We are so pleased to welcome Arjun to the Island family and to be releasing his most exciting material to date. He has already shown phenomenal potential with his unique fusion of Urban and Asian music, and we are looking forward to enhancing his profile and success here in the UK and globally.”

Arjun added: “This is a dream come true for me. When you start out in the music industry, you have those moments you wish for and this is definitely one of them. Signing to an illustrious label like Island is definitely an exciting step in a new direction. I’m looking forward to working with the Island & Dcypha teams, and hopefully following in the footsteps of so many legendary artists who have released music under Island Records.”

Sway adds: “When I first met with Arjun and started working with him, I believed he had the potential to become a global star. He has the ability to make so many different genres of music and I’m very excited see how people react to what we have in store.”

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