Jasmine Sandlas’ Album ‘What’s In A Name?’

Jasmine Sandlas’ recently released album “What’s In A Name?’, has been produced by Intense & Hark. Jasmine worked on this album for 2 – 3 years, putting her story and emotions behind each song.

With 8 songs in the album, the first track ‘Hanera’ focuses on love, whilst the third track, ‘Shadaiya’ transitions to heartbreak. With the last track, ‘Zikar’ focusing on moving on, this album shows the personal journey of Jasmine.

jasmine sandlas album


Jasmine took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the release of the album, with the caption: ‘This is the moment I am waiting for 2 to 3 years and today my album is released. I feel like there is a lot of emotional stories inside my heart and I expressed in this album which gives me peace now. I face a lot of problems in my life and I always take the graceful path’.

Having hinting to her fans about the album through her Instagram profile, in which she created an animated/cartoon theme, ‘What’s in a name?’ was a highly anticipated album. Illustrations of the album were designed by Diksha, and animation was done by Vfxkalakaar.

Check out the full album below:


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