#JusticeForSidhuMooseWala has been trending on Twitter for the 5th day in a row

Sidhu Moosewala's New EP Breaking International Music Charts
Sidhu Moosewala released his EP, No Name, on 25 April, 2022, just a day after its official announcement. The 5-song project has since been breaking international charts.

For the fifth straight day, Twitter hashtag seeking justice in the killing of singer Sidhu MooseWala continued to trend on the social media platform. Fans of the ‘295’ singer posted tweeted with #JusticeForSidhuMoosewala and #JusticeForSidhu on twitter. By Sunday evening, posts with the hashtag JusticeForSidhu had been tweeted at least 64,100 times on Twitter, while the hashtag JusticeForSidhuMooseWala had been used 58,000 times.