Mickey Singh Releases ‘Teri Meri’

Mickey Singh has released his second single, ‘Teri Meri’ from his group of conceptually linked songs. After ‘Black Suit’ released on the 7th July, he took to his Instagram to share the loss of his close friend, who has sadly passed away.

Therefore, ‘Teri Meri’ was released a few days after it’s original release date. Mickey shared a snippet of the song on his Instagram with the caption: “What up guys! Apologies for missing the video release date of #TeriMeri. It didn’t feel right to release a music video yesterday. The Treehouse team is grieving and processing the loss of someone so close to all of us. We will make sure the next 2 videos are on time. Thank you for your patience.”

He has since shared another video hinting to his fans to get ready for ‘All By Myself’, which is the third single of the set. He captioned the post: “Drop a 🌹 if you enjoyed #TeriMeri #BlackSuit#AllByMyself is dropping Tuesday July 14th”.

Check out The Official Music Video now:


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