Neetu Kapoor’s answer to trolls who wished her ‘cry and suffer as Rishi Kapoor’s widow’

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh first met on the sets of the 1974 film Zehreela Insaan. They got married in 1980 and have done end number of movies together.

The veteran actor breathed his last on April 30 last year. Rishi Kapoor was battling cancer since 2018, and was in the US for treatment for a year. Neetu Singh says “Even today, when the family meet for meals, half of the time we’re only discussing Rishi. That’s how we miss him. Ranbir still has his picture on his screensaver. That’s the way we miss him but we don’t have to be sad to miss him. We can celebrate him, we can remember him for good times and what a great person he was.”

In an interview with Film Companion, Neetu Kapoor spoke about how she was trolled for celebrating and living life after Rishi’s death.

The actress told Film Companion, “I block the ones who troll me because you know thode hote hai beech mein ke ‘husband marr gaya, ye enjoy kar rahi hai.”

They want to see that crying widow type, there is some section of people but I just block them.” The actress added that everybody has a different way of healing.

“I say this is the way I want to be, this is the way I will be, this the way I will heal. Koi log ro ro ke heal karte hai, koi log khush ho ke heal karte hai(Some heal by crying, others heal by being happy). I can never forget my husband. He will be here (in my heart), with me, with my children, all our lives,” said Neetu Kapoor.