Pakistani barber uses fire to cut peoples hair!

People are constantly coming up with new innovative ways to cut hair to post online, but this Pakistani barber may have just stepped up the game. A video has gone viral that involves the barber putting powder and liquid on the customers head to set it on fire. Whilst the fire is essentially cutting the hair, the barber uses two combs to style and brush through the hair till the flames disappear. The barber goes through this procedure several times till he’s happy with his result. This technique has been known to be used previously in India by a barber shop called Dasharath of Raj Men’s Parlour in Gulbarga’s Shahabad village. The barber technique arose after the electricity cut off, thus decided to casually use candle flames to cut hair.

Can you see this technique being used more instead of razors? Let us know your thoughts. #BritAsiaTV.