Pavandeep’s Essential Make Up Must-Have

Pavandeep gives BritAsia TV into her experience using ‘Benefit They’re Real! Mascara’. Check out her blog below!


I’ve always believed our eyes can make all the difference to your face. I mean, apply all the make-up you like, but unless you’ve put on the mascara (or false lashes), your face will not look as refreshing. For me, personally, mascara is a must. I have never left my house without mascara, it just gives you that awakened look.

When I first started applying mascara, I struggled to find a good one. I still remember my first mascara; by the end of the day most of the mascara will be under my eyes, making me look more tired than ever. I stated using waterproof mascara’s which admittedly were quite long lasting but the brushes didn’t separate the lashes completely. In some areas, it would be too inky and in others just clamped and untidy. For me, this was a complete nightmare.

Eventually I came across the “Benefit They’re Real!” mascara. It’s the third time now I’ve brought the same mascara, that proves something! It makes my eyes stand out by boosting length and volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift define and curl even the tiniest lashes. I’ve worn this on water rides and even rubbed my eyes by accident, it just doesn’t smudge, clump or dry out. Visit Benefit in Debenhams, Boots or House of Fraser and try before you buy!

This designer mascara is only £19.50, I know it’s more expensive than High Street brands but if you invest into this dream mascara once, it would last you months!

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