In Pictures: Christmas around the world

We all have our own traditions on Christmas Day and people all over the world are celebrating in different ways. Join us on this pictorial tour of Christmas all over the world.

Amritsar: Christmas is becoming more and more popular in India. This is a school boy dressed as Santa in Amritsar handing our sweets to his fellow school children.

Surabaya: Christians attending a Christmas service on Christmas eve.

Australia: The sun may be out on Bondi beach but that doesn’t stop these festive surfers from spreading some Christmas cheer.

Palestine: A protestor dressed as Santa Clause runs from tear gas.

Sri Lanka: A church goer receiving Holy Communion.

Bethlehem: Mass was held at midnight in the city where Jesus Christ was born.

Iraq: U.S. soldiers enjoying Christmas dinner at their base Karamless. 

How are you celebrating Christmas? We would love to hear about it or even see some pictures! #BritAsiaTV