Punjabi Chamber of Commerce: London Launch Event

Punjabi Chamber of Commerce (PCC) is a nonprofit organisation, dedicated to uniting the global Indian Punjabi community through commerce and cooperation. 

To extend their services in the UK, they have announced their London launch – which will take place as a virtual event on 12 September at 6PM (BST).

The online event will take place on Zoom and will be hosted by author, journalist and advisor, Dr. Mandeep Rai.

To register for the event and to find out more, click here.

The PCC was created to offer Punjabi citizens a platform to prosper — from networking, and mentoring to jobs, investments and business opportunities.

The organisation prides itself on being the only and largest of its kind for Punjabi businesses, start-ups and all professionals. And were established in the U.S in 2017 through the support of the Punjabi diaspora, which is echoed through their sentiment that they are “by the community, for the community.”

Their members have benefited from personal and professional promotion, extended their commercial relations and delivered optimal services and events in a short time period.

Outside of South Asia, London plays host to one of the oldest Indian-Punjabi communities so the England capital city presents a major milestone opportunity for both PCC and its members. They also maintain a strict policy of ensuring diversity in its groups and encourages both men and women from all backgrounds to join their committees. 

Gurpreet (Gary) Pasricha, co-founder/trustee said: “PCC looks forward to an active engagement with businesses and professionals in London. We humbly request that you give the new Chapter your committed support as we work in partnership for a better economy and life.”









As a member you can:

  • Build your brand 

The Chamber offers numerous opportunities to enhance your business visibility through target marketing, event showcases and an improved internet/social media presence. 

  • Create better connections 

The Chamber builds your social capital by connecting you with other businesses, giving you access to community leaders, developing relationships and gaining enhanced visibility. 

  • Strengthen and promote the economy 

The Chamber brings together community leaders and decision makers to focus on what is most integral: the economy, education, workforce, quality of life and entrepreneurship. 

  • Build business skills 

They also provide opportunities for you and/or employees to connect with other business leaders, enhance skills and engage with the community. 

What PCC provides:

  • Advocacy 

Their role is to support the business community by advocating on issues that benefit their members.

  • Education 

The PCC hosts information seminars, training sessions and meetings to assist in gaining skills to succeed in your ventures or profession. 

  • Mentorship 

They have established a mentorship program that allows budding entrepreneurs and professionals to gather knowledge from experienced mentors and from similar backgrounds.

  • Networking and Collaboration 

Networking is a primary function of any chamber. As such, PCC provides a directory, in-app messaging, classified postings and events to promote networking and collaboration. 

Join the conversation and register here for the launch to find out more about PCC and their mission.


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