Randeep Hooda Praised For Performance In Netflix CAT

Randeep Hooda praised for role in CAT
Randeep Hooda praised for role in CAT

Randeep Hooda takes on the lead role once again with Netflix’s crime thriller – CAT. The web series sees a parallel narrative spanning two crucial timelines in Punjab, that shape the fate of one man and his family – Gurnam Singh. It also features Hasleen Kaur and Suvinder Vicky in key roles.

Due credit to creator Balwinder along with his team of directors for being able to bring authenticity to the series. The direct had spoken about how they’ve shot the series in Punjab, with real people, and real locations, and we’d say that shows. This one is an intelligently directed show that gives you the right kind of build-up, a lot of which has to do with the way the story is executed. Arvind Krishna’s cinematography works like a charm!

CAT narrates the story of Gurnam, who in an attempt to save his brother’s life, who is a drug peddler, is compelled to go back to being an informant. He used to be one during the Insurgency of the 1990s as CAT, but he now has to tell on the terrifying Drug Mafia of Punjab. This, leads him to come face to face with his dark past. Will he be able to rise through politics, corruption, and crime to bust the drug cartel or will he go down the rabbit hole in this cat-and-mouse chase? Well, for that, you’ll have to watch out for the series.
Another beautiful yet complicated aspect of the story is the number of things all happening at once, and yet, the backstory of every character is woven well. Be it Madam Aulakh or Shamsher or Kimmy, there’s so much to look forward to, enough to keep you hooked.
Every time Randeep does something new, you know you want to see much more of him. As an actor who simply focuses on doing good work, he never disappoints. Be it the role he dons as the responsible elder brother or when he turns an informer, he knows how to ensure subtlety while also being powerful. There are scenes where you know it is just him acting, but you feel strongly (you’ll know which ones once you see it through).
Suvinder and Hasleen, both indeed bring weightage in helping the story forward smoothly. The former, a veteran, is always amazing at what he does, and Hasleen as Babita, is yet another impactful performance that doesn’t disappoint. With multiple supporting roles, everyone plays their part to the T, especially kudos to young Gurnam for bringing that balance of innocence, but also vengeance.
With an original score, the music helps you engage as an audience and be well-immersed in what you are watching. In just two episodes of the series, you can feel how much of importance the background score plays throughout your watch.