Sikh Hate Crime Probe Launched Following Telford School Boy Attack

An attack against a Sikh boy by secondary school pupils at Charlton School in Telford is being treated as a hate crime, West Mercia Police have said.

The West Mercia force said it was aware of a video circulating on social media of a boy being attacked in an “incredibly distressing incident”.

The video shows a pupil from the Sikh community being pushed to the ground by two other boys and then struck a number of times in the head.

Charlton School released an online statement to say they aware of an incident that took place on Friday 13 November involving a number of their students, on their way home from school. The full statement reads:

“Charlton School is aware of an incident that took place on Friday 13 November involving a number of our students, on their way home from school.

We have taken swift, immediate and appropriate action, including sanctions and targeted intervention for the perpetrators. A police investigation is ongoing, and we are co-operating fully.

Charlton School works hard to provide a safe, nurturing environment where proactive measures are taken to ensure students are protected from any types of bullying.
Although this incident did not take place during the normal hours of the school day, we have taken full responsibility for working with all students involved, and the wider school community, to prevent any further such incident from occurring.

We are in contact with the parents of all those involved, who tell us they are satisfied with the actions we have taken. The school is also working closely with the local Sikh community and it’s leaders at this time.

On 25 November, West Mercia Police released a statement from Superintendent Jim Baker, on Twitter to assure the community by working with their youth offending team and the school would ensure “suitable action is taken.”

Adding to the thread, WMP said: “I know the video has caused significant concern amongst our communities. Our enquiries into the motivation around the incident are continuing and we are working with our local communities to provide reassurance.”

A number of MPs and key figures from the Sikh community have since spoken out, taking to their social platforms to raise further awareness.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Labour MP for Slough, said: “Well said @amanmadra. Saddened to see such vile behaviour towards a young boy. Bullying and anti-Sikh hate cannot be tolerated.

@charlton_school looking to you to take immediate action and for others in Telford to assist in ensuring swift measures taken.”

Head of Diversity and Inclusion at FA England, Dal Singh Darroch said on Twitter: “The #Sikh lad incident broke my it bought back many memories of racial hate based on religious grounds many of us have experienced. For #Sikhs this was/is more common than you would imagine. Discrimination of all kinds is WRONG & DISGUSTING. NO TO HATE #AntiBullyingWeek

For help and support if you or someone you know is the victim of bullying, please contact:

National bullying helpline: 0300 323 0169 or 0845 22 55 787
NSPCC advice for parents and carers to help keep children safe
Childline advice and information about dealing with bullying


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