Snoop Dogg teases duet with X Factor hopeful!

Rap legend Snoop Dogg has hit out at critics and teased a duet with an X Factor hopeful – should they reach the final stage. The X Factor contestant he has chosen to duet with is none other than….Honey G.

Yes – that is correct! Snoop Dogg publically hit out at critics in comments that he told the Daily Star.

“When people have been managing the biggest bands in the world for 40 years, they can question her. Until then, critics can shut the hell up. She knows what she is doing. She knows the public want to be entertained.”

“What’s the alternative? Listen to 12 people sing power ballads for the whole season? Simon and Sharon know that ain’t going to make a fun show.”

As for the duet – Snoop raised the bar and made a promise he wouldn’t forget!

“I will drop whatever I have on to give them an X Factor exclusive and duet with Honey,” said Snoop.

“I hope that encourages fans to pick up the vote and keep her in, because I guarantee we can give a performance like The X Factor ain’t never seen before.”

Wow. Just when the show couldn’t get any more exciting this year! Stay tuned to BritAsia TV for more entertainment updates.