Villa Releases New Single, ‘Sippin’

Hip-hop artist and songwriter, Villa collaborated with creative director and actor KayRay to bring his new single ‘Sippin’ to life. With a nostalgic vibe for visuals paired with heart-wrenching lyrics, the music video really allows Villa to shine as an R&B artist.

Produced by the master-mind J-Statik, the song was inspired by the end of a toxic relationship and how easy it is to fall into a place of deep sadness and betrayal masked with substances like alcohol. Inspired by 80’s music videos, the scenes allowed Villa to show his versatility through these characters. From electric-guitars and leather jackets, to a white empty bedroom with unlit candles and empty bottles to a Prince inspired bathtub scene, combined with silhouette shots and lots of smoke machine – KayRay and her team of young talented women brought a new perspective of how we see brown artists in these elements.

With a plethora of music scheduled to release in 2020, Villa will be sharing new music along with videos this summer featuring upcoming directors and producers.

Check out the music video below:


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