Who Can You Expect To See On Sunday At IPL Soccer Live?

IPL Soccer Live will take place on Sunday, 8th May 2022 at Pride Park Stadium in Derby. It will be the UK’s first nationwide British Asian football tournament, held and televised annually.

Here are the Icon Players for each IPL Soccer team that you can expect to see:

Jermaine Pennant (London Warriors)

  • Born 15th of January 1983 in Nottingham
  • Former professional football player; played as a winger
  • Played for 15 clubs including Watford, Leeds and Birmingham City.
  • Scored 25 goals in his career
  • As a child his favourite toy was a football

Gabriel Agbonlahor (Birmingham Challengers)

  • Born 13th of October 1986 in Birmingham
  • Former professional football player, playing as a forward; mostly playing as a central striker but also played on the wing
  • Spent entire professional career with Aston Villa in the Premier League
  • Played with Watford and Sheffield Wednesday at the start of his career
  • He was scouted by Aston Villa

Lee Hendrie (Derby Crusaders)

  • Born 18th May 1977 in Kingshurst, Solihull
  • Former professional football player; played as a Midfielder
  • Pundit for Sky Sports
  • Played in the Premier League for Aston Villa
  • Also played in Football Lrague for Stoke City, Sheffield United, Leicester City, Derby County, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Bradford City and the Indonesian club Bandung and even played for non-league football
  • Scored 42 goals in total over his career

Emile Heskey (Leicester Galacticos)

  • Born 11th of January 1988 in Leicester
  • Former professional football player; played as a striker
  • Emile started his career with Leicester City after progressing through their youth system
  • Played for Leicester City, Liverpool, Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa, Newcastle Jets, Bolton Wanderers
  • Currently serves as Head of Football Development and Interim Manager for Leicester City Women
  • Scored 130 goals in his career

You may also be seeing other celebrities such as: 

  • Amir Khan and wife Faryal Khan
  • Sukhdeep Gill
  • Neha Sharma
  • H Dhami
  • Bambi Bains
  • Juggy D
  • Blu Blood
  • Sajal Aly
  • Ahad Raza Mir
  • Noreen Khan
  • Simran Singh
  • Sunny Leone
  • Jaz Dhami
  • Harps Dhillon

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