This week, our #WorkoutWednesday goes to dancer and choreographer Manpreet Toor, featuring dancers Avreen and Muskan.

The dancer from California regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel that hundreds and thousands of views. Not only does she post video of her choreography, but also shares step by step videos on how to learn the routine. She also featured in Mickey Singh’s ‘I am Urban Desi’ musical, where she dances with Mickey to Bally Sagoo’s ‘Aaja Soniye’.

In the video we have chosen, we see Manpreet doing a classic dance routine to ‘Laung Laachi’ from the movie ‘Laung Laachi’. The video has reached over 10 million views on YouTube and it’s not hard to see why.

Manpreet and her dancers can be seen doing an elegant dance to the beautiful song, that itself has received over 60 million views, which has been sung by Mannat Noor. Each dance step taken fits perfectly well with the beat of the song.

Check out Manpreet Toor’s choreography to ‘Laung Laachi’ below.


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