With less than three weeks to go until the big day, the pressure can start to set in for those who are planning to get down on one knee this Valentine’s Day.

When you’re proposing, it can feel like it’s all been done before. We find ourselves searching for new, fun ways to surprise your partner without a cliché, such as re-enacting your first date together. So, to help relieve that post-proposal stress, we’ve found you 5 unique ideas for proposing to your partner this Valentine’s Day thanks to the UK’s favourite proposal planners – Captured Proposals.


  1. Paris and Back in a Day

Perhaps the most romantic gesture one can make – whisk your partner off to Paris for the date of a lifetime. With the Eurostar taking just over two hours from London and prices starting from £29, you can speed back and forth between Europe’s best-loved capitals in a day without the hassle of airports.


Hire a private driver to pick you up, whizz you around the city and then drop you back at Paris Gare du Nord. Even though it’s a bit pricier than a metro pass for the day, it’s worth it for both the local insight and a door-to-door experience that will help you take in all the sights quickly in your whistle-stop tour, making the most of your short-stay in Paris.

  1. Star in your own Love Story – Cinema Proposal

Nothing gets you in the mood for a proposal more than looking back on all the wonderful memories that you’ve shared together as a couple over the years. From discussing first dates and embarrassing moments to the time you realised you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, looking back really is the perfect platform to help you leap forward into the next chapter of your relationship.

cinema proposal

So, why not hire out an entire screen of an independent cinema and watch your moments relayed on the big screen in a love story that completes with a ring. They do say that a picture tells a thousand words.

  1. Hire out Tower Bridge

Nothing says unique like shutting down a walkway in London’s Tower Bridge for the evening. The transformable space is not only one of England’s most renowned tourist attractions, but a perfect location to enjoy the sights the city has to offer.

tower bridge

Drop down on one knee as you enjoy the sun setting over the magnificent London skyline and sip on champagne with a birds-eye view of the bridge rising underneath you. This location offers the perfect opportunity to create a story you’ll enjoy reliving over and over.

  1. Helicopter ride

For a hit of adrenaline, why not pull out a ring as you gaze down on your home from 20,000 feet up in the sky. A helicopter can offer fabulous views and allow you to discover entirely new places or explore the wonders of the city you’ve lived in for decades. With your very own pilot following a route of your choice, this intimate experience will simply take your breath away. But don’t forget, make sure you test the headset first before you ‘pop’ the question to ensure your partner can hear you over the whirring propellers and your heart beating fast with excitement.

helicopter ride

This proposal promises to leave you and your partner feeling sky-high long after your feet touch down.

  1. Escape Room

If you want to get your friends and family in on the secret, an escape room can be the perfect set-up for a unique proposal. Spend quality time together as you work collectively to solve riddles and escape a locked room full of puzzles.

The shared sense of achievement will have you on a high and seamlessly set the mood for your impending proposal. Watch the excitement in the room build as the last puzzle reveals your ring box and you drop down to one knee.

Image: https://www.etsy.com/listing/496729801/white-engagement-ring-box-wedding-ring

For more information about Captured Proposals and to enquire about their proposal planning service please visit capturedproposals.co.uk/.


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