Want to be a TV, Radio or
Youtube Presenter?

The courses

These courses are aimed at those who have a passion and interest in becoming a presenter.
It’s a workshop that will both teach and test.
We teach you the basics – so absolute beginners get a taste of what to expect. We test your ability to deliver in a variety of settings:

  • Live
  • Pre-recorded
  • Reading autocue
  • Walk and talks
  • Interviews

Our Trainers have worked at the BBC and ITV
for local, regional and national programmes.

Learning Objectives

  • Presenting Tips & Techniques
  • Vocal Delivery
  • Approach to the Perfect Presentation
  • Script Writing/Structure
  • Teleprompter Training
  • Interview Technique

Beginner or expert? We’ve got you covered.
Check out our range of courses to boost your career in the world of presenters

Our one-day workshop will give you a sound understanding of how to operate as a professional presenter. It is a great introduction for those looking to develop their skills as well as an opportunity to find out how to break into the industry from media professionals. Our two-day workshop is great value. We give you a full flavour of the rewards and demands of being a broadcaster. See below for more information.

Course 1 – Basic

A one day course that will teach you the theory behind being a good presenter and test out those skills in a variety of settings. You will learn how to use posture and tone to create presence when presenting in front of a camera. We use the latest equipment (lighting, sound, camera’s, microphones etc.) to give you a realistic experience of what it’s like when you’re put under the spotlight.

Cost: £150
Time: 9.30am-4.00pm
Number of participants: max 5 people

Course 2 – Advanced

A two-day course that builds upon the basic training. We crank up the pressure and see how you bear up in live situations. How do you manage when things go wrong? Can you improvise and ad-lib and talk to time? In practical terms we expose you to Live and pre-recorded situations. We test your interview techniques, your scripting and reading ability and focus on perfecting your presentation style.

Cost: £300 (per 2 days)
Time: 9.30am-4.00pm
Number of participants: max 5 people

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