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Our Fund is Diverse

Many are being forced to start businesses, but have no idea where to turn. 
Figures show that the majority of venture capital money goes to male, white, often middle-class founders. But those with equally good ideas get brushed aside because of lack of connections and where they’re from. 
We won’t stand for this.

We believe resourcefulness is the ultimate resource, so we help founders based off that, their drive, skill and that they are building a company that pushes humanity forward. These are the metrics we should focus on.


Get Funded

We provide everything to build and scale your business, all under one roof with all the altruism and drive in the world, without resources and networks, there is only so much impact you can have.

We get your business investment ready with our in house team of experts.

Then we know exactly how to raise funds for you and where from.

We can get you equity investment and other pots of money from grants, R&D tax credits and other sources you may not have considered.

We also do crowd funds, using our TV channel to drive a wave of money.
This preserves equity, whilst being powerful marketing to grow your business.


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We believe in our companies, that’s why we want
to grow with them and make sure they are supported by the right people.
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Property loans

If you have in interest in properties and you are looking for the right loan to start investing, our team of expertise will support you during the journey.

* POA – Price on Application


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