A New Chapter Begins: Desi Frenzy Releases Debut Single ‘Keep Moving’ Featuring Jaz Dhami

DJ, Remixer and Music Producer DJ Frenzy has released his debut single Keep Moving featuring the vocal talents of Jaz Dhami

Keep Moving – Tureya Tureya Ja is produced by Desifrenzy, performed by Jaz Dhami, written by G.S.Nawepindiya and the artwork is designed by Artful Skecha.

Taking to Twitter, the producer and artist shared a behind-the-scenes insight into their studio with a short piece to camera, commending the UK talent involved in the project.

Jaz Dhami shared the video and tagged Desi Frenzy into the post with the single’s release date as the caption.

Take a peek into the production right here:

Frenzy took to Twitter to announce his single and highlighted he would be intent on releasing his debut in a ‘positive and meaningful’ way.

He tweeted: 1/2 “A new chapter begins: MY DEBUT SINGLE Feat. @THEJAZDHAMI

A long journey to get here; creating this is definitely one of my biggest achievements… Will need blessings and support from all of my #FrenzyFamily for this one

27.11.20 Pre-order: hyperurl.co/b8kr1v

2/2 “I know you were probably expecting a Bhangra track for my debut release – but I wanted to start this journey in a positive, meaningful way. This project is aimed towards raising awareness about Mental Health within the South Asian community


Upon its release, Frenzy shared a whimsical screenshot of the song on a mobile streaming platform which features the single’s iridescent artwork, in an effort to remind everyone to ‘keep moving.’

He tweeted: “#KeepMoving – Tureya Tureya Ja




Aiming to raise awareness of Mental Health issues within the South Asian community. Please share and support.


Keep Moving – Tureya Tureya Ja is available here


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