Ananya Panday reacts to current cancel culture in India; says ‘I ask whether I have been boycotted’

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday is sharing her thoughts on the current cancel culture in India. The actress, who is no stranger to online social media trolling, opened up about why she thinks this trend needs to stop.

“We are losing our track,” the actress said and added that the trolling and cancelling of stars online is a ‘cycle’. She explained in her interview with India Today, “I think it is like a cycle. Every day, someone is getting boycotted or everyone is being cancelled.”

Admitting she also fears being boycotted online, Panday added, “I even asked someone whether I have been boycotted or am I still fine. I get to know new things every day.”

The actress, who started an initiative to combat online bullying, also added that she doesn’t take the trolling too seriously and advised others to do the same.

Ananya will soon be seen on the big screen opposite Vijay Deverakonda in the upcoming sports drama ‘Liger’. The film which also marks the Bollywood debut of boxing legend Mike Tyson will feature Vijay in the role of a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter with a speech impediment. It hits theatres on 25 August 2022.