Anita Rani Calls on Public to Donate to India in a British Red Cross-Backed Appeal

TV and Radio Presenter Anita Rani has partnered with the British Red Cross in a recent appeal for donations to India amid the country’s surge in Covid cases and depleting oxygen supplies.

In a video released by Rani on social media, the presenter said she felt “devastated and helpless” at the news footage coming out of country as “people are losing loved ones at a really rapid rate”.

Rani proceeded to urge followers to donate to the British Red Cross appeal, announcing all money raised in the next two weeks will go directly to supporting India, including providing medical supplies and crucial oxygen.

Currently, India’s Covid crisis is critical. Over the last week, more than 400,000 positive cases of coronavirus have been recorded in India daily – a grim and deeply upsetting world record. More than 3,000 people have lost their lives every day for the last six days, with these numbers expected to rise dramatically.

Over 46,000 Red Cross staff and volunteers across 550 districts in India are supporting Covid-19 response efforts, including providing oxygen, ambulance services, first aid, medical care, and PPE within Indian communities.

The Red Cross is also working closely with authorities to care for those who need it most, including the elderly, single mothers, and people with disabilities.

The video, shared by British Red Cross on Twitter can be seen below:

Your donations could provide:

  • A Covid-19 prevention kit to a family or front-line worker to help keep them safe.
  • An oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator to help someone breathe.
  • An ambulance to transport those with Covid-19 to hospital.

For instructions on how to donate, please visit: