BAMFA Awards Postponed

*BritAsia Canada Announces Postponement of BAMFA 2023*

*Date: 20 September 2023*

*Toronto, ON -* BritAsia Canada has made the difficult decision to postpone the eagerly anticipated BritAsia Music and Film Awards (BAMFA) celebrations, which was scheduled to take place on 23rd September 2023. 

After careful deliberation of the current political situation and extensive discussions with representatives of the Canadian Government and Tourism Board, it has been decided that BAMFA will undergo a transformative shift in its format and purpose. The previously exclusive and glamorous event will now be reimagined as a national celebration, with additional events open to the public.

Initially envisioned as an intimate black-tie affair, hosting over 88 VIPs, renowned actors, and talented singers from around the globe, the BAMFA Awards will now be transformed into a grand public event that aims to unite and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Canada. This decision comes as a result of the shared vision of the Canadian Government and Tourism Board to make BAMFA an experience that is accessible and cherished by people from all walks of life.

BritAsia Canada remains committed to delivering an unforgettable BAMFA experience that will resonate with Canadians and all our international viewers. The rescheduled event will feature an even more impressive line-up of artists, performers, and cultural icons, promising a vibrant showcase of South Asian music, film, and entertainment. In addition to the main event, the new BAMFA will encompass community outreach initiatives spanning multiple cities across Canada, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared cultural appreciation.

_”We sincerely thank our supporters, sponsors, and partners for their unwavering enthusiasm for the BAMFA Awards, While we are excited for BAMFA this year, we are thrilled to embark on this new journey of inclusivity and national celebration. Together, we will create an extraordinary BAMFA experience that reflects the heart and soul of Canada’s diverse cultural landscape.”

BritAsia Canada looks forward to engaging with both existing and new sponsors and partners who wish to contribute to the success of the transformed BAMFA event. For further information, inquiries, and partnership opportunities, please contact

Updates regarding the rescheduled BAMFA Awards event will be communicated to the public in due course.

*BAMFA Press Office Enquiries*


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