‘Ban Of Sarpanch Proxies Will Boost Women Empowerment’

On Wednesday 21ST September, the Department of Rural Development held a seminar to ensure women’s empowerment in Panchayati Raj Institutions whereby Cabinet Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal joined the event.

Dhaliwal stated that the government had previously prohibited male kin of female head of villages from attending official meetings to do with the village. He stated that the goal of the move was to empower female panchayat members meaning females who are head of the villages.

He stated that the government had increased the reservation of women sarpanches to 50%. The minster also said, ‘If women sarpanches become true village heads, only problems like drug menace, encroachment, personal and political enemies can be curtailed.’

Dhaliwal also stated that mothers in Punjab are concerned about their children’s future and that only they know what steps can be taken to ensure their children’s safety. Dhaliwal followed this by saying, no male proxy for a female sarpanch would interfere with official work under any circumstances. He said that elected women panchayat members should take control of panchayats.

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