BritAsia TV is now available via Channelbox on Freeview 271

BritAsia TV have launched on streaming TV Service, Channelbox, on Freeview 271, making it the first music channel on the Channelbox platform.

Channelbox is a free-to-air multi-channel OTT platform available on Freeview 271 and accessible via TV sets connected to the aerial and the internet. The unique user interface offers the equivalent of a dedicated Freeview channel to each content provider on the platform. The TV must be connected to the aerial and the internet to view.

The current channels include news, movies and entertainment channels in English and foreign languages. With BritAsia TV predominantly focusing on featuring the very best South Asian and UK music on their channel, it has become the first music channel on the Channelbox line-up.

Tanya Kronfli, Head of Channelbox Business Development, said: “Channelbox is about diversity of genre, cultures and languages. We are thrilled to welcome BritAsia TV as the leading music entertainment channel for the biggest community living in the UK”.

Tony Shergill, CEO of BritAsia TV, added: “We are thrilled to have launched on Channelbox, as we love to keep up with the latest technology and are excited to present our channel on the most innovative OTT platform in the UK”.

For any Channelbox enquiries please contact:
Twitter: @channelboxtv
Facebook: @ChannelboxFreeview271

For any BritAsia TV enquiries please contact:
Twitter: @britasiatv
Instagram: @britasiatv
Facebook: @britasiatv
YouTube: @britasiatv


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