BritAsia TV presenter Sukhi Bart to be hosting World Music Awards

The 2017 BritAsia TV World Music Awards is approaching and it just wouldn’t be right without having Sukhi Bart presenting. Sukhi is no stranger to BritAsia TV, his show ‘Mulaqat with Sukhi Bart’ is the place to find out the latest on Punjabi artists. Not only is he a member of the Gabhru Punjab De Bhangra group but also a well-loved wedding DJ.

He’s also written many of your favourite artist’s songs such as Jazzy B and Labh Janjura and has a hit single “Bhagat Singh The Awakening”. We wouldn’t be lying if we said he was the expert of Bhangra music. You may have also heard his weekend Punjabi radio show on the BBC Asian Network. Sukhi Bart is known for keeping the crowd energetic and cheerful. It’s definitely going to be unforgettable event that you cannot miss, get your tickets here!

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