Camilo & Diljit Dosanjh Release Punjabi-Spanish Fusion

Camilo and Diljit Dosanjh Team Up for Punjabi-Spanish Song 'Palpita' –
Camilo and Diljit Dosanjh Team Up for Punjabi-Spanish Song 'Palpita'

Finally the wait for Dosanjh Wala fans is over with the release of one of his upcoming international collaborations. Among the most awaited and craziest collaborations of Diljit, the amalgam with the sensational Colombian Singer Camilo titled ‘Palpita’ has been released giving an incredible cross cultural composition to the music industry one can ever imagine.

As promised, the song Palpita has been out and is proving itself to be groundbreaking in the history of Punjabi music industry. This collaboration is setting fire and winning the hearts of the people by making them vibe high irrespective of the language which definitely captures the magical beauty of music. As Diljit sings in Punjabi whereas Camila sings in Spanish, the song has become an emotion while breaking the language barriers and filling up the gap by connecting people from every nook and corner.

The credits have to be given to Coke Studios who made this breathtaking collaboration happen and served us with the best masterpiece ever imagined. Palpita is utterly a beautiful creation bridging two cultures flawlessly. Fans just can’t stop themselves from grooving and vibing on the song while listening to it on loop. Their love for the song can be clearly witnessed from the comment section where they cannot stop from appreciating the collaboration and speculating it to be soon shining on Billboard.