Catalyst Management to co-manage #Punjabi superstar Karan Aujla

Catalyst Management CEO Guv Singh to co-manage #Punjabi superstar @karanaujla_official

Catalyst Management is targeting collaborations and strategic brand partnerships for #KaranAujla who has amassed a billion #Spotify streams and 1.7 billion audio streams in total.

Karan Aujla has more than 6.3 billion official video views, and 17.3 million followers across his channels.

His latest project, Making Memories, generated over 250 million streams in just six weeks.

Catalyst has been the management home for artists including #AshleyWalters #MichaelDapaah #Mist #SamTompkins #SteelBanglez #TomZanetti and more. Guv Singh will manage Karan Aujla alongside Deep Rehaan.

Karan Aujla said: “I believe that with Guv’s expertise and strategic approach, we can create music and experiences that resonate with audiences around the world. This collaboration is not just about music; it’s about sharing our culture and creating a global impact.”

Guv Singh said: “I am thrilled to join forces with Karan Aujla and Deep Rehaan in this exciting chapter of their careers. Karan is not just a music sensation; he’s a cultural icon, and our collective goal is to transcend borders and showcase the richness of South Asian music and culture globally.”

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