This summer may not be going according to plan weather wise, but why let the rain damper your fun? There’s still plenty of summer left with new places to go to, food to try and cocktails to be sipping on in a beer garden- when the sun is out of course.

We tried some cocktails that have put us into the summer mood thanks to Durham Distillery.

First up we have the Rising Sun!

Rising Sun Cocktail

This cocktail is very easy to make and looks like summer in a glass. The mixture of the sweet vodka with the sweet grenadine syrup contrasts with tangy grapefruit juice for a bright and refreshing drink.

50ml Vodka
20ml Grenadine syrup
75ml fresh grapefruit juice
Pink grapefruit slices

-Shake the vodka, syrup* and grapefruit juice on ice
-Strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with plenty of ice
-Garnish with a few big slices of pink grapefruit

Next up we have the English Garden.

English Garden Cocktail

This cocktail will transport you to a country garden, that smells of freshly cut grass with the sun beaming down.

50ml Gin
75ml fresh pressed apple juice
15ml St Germain elderflower liqueur or elderflower cordial
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime wedges
Cucumber slices

-Shake all liquid ingredients on ice
-Double strain into Collins glass with plenty of ice
-Garnish with thinly sliced cucumber and a couple of lime wedges

Our other summer favourite cocktails include:

The Pornstar Martini! A modern classic cocktail and has recently been everyone’s go to cocktail (including us)! The delicious cocktail is complimented by a shot of prosecco on the side. Check out Slug and Lettuce where they are currently serving giant Pornstar Martini’s!

Slug and Lettuce Pornstar Martini

Aperol Spritz! The traditional Italian aperitif cocktail that is commonly drank in Italy and is now notably being seen in many of our hands back in the UK. Its unique taste makes it a refreshing cocktail to enjoy in the summer.


Aperol Spritz


Strawberry Daiquiri! This cocktail will always be a summer favourite whether it be frozen or chilled. The look and taste of the fruity drink really does quench your thirst.

Strawberry Daiquri

Written by Amy Lehal

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