Covid: India’s Grassroots NGO ‘Ghar Ghar Langar Seva’ Appeals for Oxygen Concentrators

India’s grassroots non-government organisation (NGO) Ghar Ghar Langar Seva and Guru Arjun Covid Centre is appealing for oxygen concentrator machines for their patients.

Indian resident and founding member Ghar Ghar Langar Seva, Sunny Wadhwa, has sent an international appeal for the use of oxygen concentrator machines for patients in their Covid-19 centres.

Over the weekend, India recorded its highest daily coronavirus death toll since the pandemic began, and became the first country to register more than 400,000 new cases in a single day.

“People of India are dying,” said Wadhwa, “by non-availability of oxygen rather than Covid infection.”

“There is an acute shortage of oxygen and oxygen beds in the hospitals. Government hospitals are not well-quipped and have limited facilities.

“Rich patients can avail oxygen and all facilities by money and approach but poor are the one who gets suffered in this dreadful time,” he added.

Wadhwa told BritAsia TV the Guru Arjun Covid Centre serves “only underprivileged patients who cannot afford to get treatment from expensive private hospitals.”

“We provide them with free clean rooms and beds, food, medicines, doctor consultation, Yoga classes and whatever is else required else.”

The Covid centre is run by Ghar Ghar Langar Seva’s team in association with Ahmednagar Mahanagarpalika and Maharashtra Police.

Currently, the centre is are admitting Covid-positive patients with a HRCT score below 6 as they do not have an oxygen facility available, Wadhwa explained. But when patients become critical and need oxygen in an emergency they have to find an “alternate source” which is not easily available during this critical time.

Wadhwa is appealing for “at least 20 nos oxygen concentrator machines” in order to provide the centre’s patients with oxygen on an “immediate basis” and “maintain their SPO2 saturation level.”

Find out more about Ghar Ghar Langar Seva via their Facebook page and learn more about the organisation’s continued efforts to help those suffering from coronavirus, a shortage of oxygen and other essentials: