‘Crown Prince of Bhangra’ Jazzy B makes history!

Hailed as the ‘Crown Prince of Bhangra’, Jazzy B has made history as he is inducted to the BC Hall of Entertainment Fame, earning his own unique star on Vancouver’s Granville Street.

Being interviewed on Canada’s CBC News, Jazzy B couldn’t contain his happiness and excitement. “It’s a great moment for me, a great moment for my family, my friends. I was just a normal kid from Surrey, here I am getting my own star”.

The camera then turned to show a clip of one of Jazzy B’s biggest hits Londono Patola, where Jazzy was asked what it was like seeing that footage from 1995. “It feels great, I remember it like I was yesterday – shooting the video, it was only a handycam we couldn’t afford the big camera. I still remember that, a lot of good memories!”
Jazzy couldn’t contain his excitement for his big day adding: “I’m so excited, all my friends, family are flying in – they’re all gonna be there. It’s gonna be a special moment for me!”




It is no surprise to see such an established artist being inducted into such a prestigious hall of fame. Jazzy’s career has been hugely successful, collaborating with notable artists such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, Snoop Dogg, Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer and the folk legend Kuldeep Manak – with a career spanning over an incredible 23 years.



Bains is the first South Asian star to join the walk of fame, with other notable individuals such as Bryan Adams, Dave Abbot, Bruce Allen as well as many more being previous stars to have been inducted into the BC Hall of Entertainment Fame.

Being a major first for any Bhangra artist, Jazzy received plenty of tweets and messages from artists.



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