India: Jet Singh Trust and Midland Langar Seva Society Provide Relief Amid Farmers’ Protests in Delhi

UK based Jet Singh Trust and Midland Langar Seva Society have travelled to Delhi, India to provide relief for farmers and supports alike, submitted to the streets in protest against the recently passed Farm Bills

On 1 December, Jet Singh Trust (JST) created a gofundme campaign entitled ‘I Support Farmers’ in an effort to raise a minimum of £10,000 to help with the necessary provisions the Trust is able to supply to the farmers and supports who have taken to the streets during the winter months.

On the fundraiser page, the Trust posted a statement emphasising the impetus for the campaign and listed the items they aim to distribute to those in need.

“In solidarity with the farmers of Panjab India, we have set up this page to help raise funds. Jet Singh Trust is appealing to you all to donate in order to buy fresh water, medical supplies, warm clothes, duvets and other essential items. Luckily there is plenty of Langar arranged by the Gurdwara’s, sewadaars also the good people of Delhi, especially alot of our Muslim brothers. Even the dhabas are offering free food.

“Currently there is an estimated 800,000 people from Panjab and other states in India that have congregated on the borders of Delhi city in solidarity of India’s farmers. This will be a long battle and by sending trucks full of supplies from the punjab we can play our little part. Khalsa Seva, family and friends in India will co-ordinate this effort.

“It would be amazing if you could all dig deep to help and also forward the fundraising page to all of your friends and families. Every little helps and hopefully we can payback our farmers efforts who are sitting and sleeping out in the cold 24 hours a day.”

Taking to social media, JST shared multiple photos of the tents they erected for the many currently without residency.

On Facebook, JST shared a video of the team distributing shoes en masse at the Tikri border in Delhi which you can view here.

Yesterday, the Trust posted an update to say thanks to the many who have donated and how many at the border have benefited from the sustenance in recent days.

They posted: “A big thank you to everyone who donated to the Jet singh Trust for the kisaan protests in Delhi. A team of 2 went over and we managed to buy and distribute shoes, duvets, tents, sleeping bags, pillows, warm clothes, hot water bottles, food, medicines etc for the protestors. An amazing £18k was donated for this cause.”

Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS) also travelled to the border from the UK to provide relief and to stand in solidarity with the farmers. MLSS figureheads including that of CEO, Randhir Singh, have also been on the frontline, providing essential supplies and ministrations to those involved.

MLSS said: “Many have been away from their homes for weeks on end and needed specialise care. We managed to provide medical facilities and care, such as qualified doctors and physiotherapists who have been working around the clock to assist with aches and pains from sleeping in these rough conditions.

“Not only that, but many of the protestors are of the older generation so facing extreme cold conditions and continuous outdoor environments is proving truly dangerous.  We are currently in the process of procuring 1000s of winter sleeping bags and thermal under garments to keep them warm as they continue with their protest.”

Find out how you can make a contribution to Jet Singh Trust or Midland Langar Seva Society.


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