The summer holidays have arrived, and with plenty of adventures awaiting and places to visit, you might be finding it difficult on deciding where to go.

We’ve made life easier for you, and we’ll be exploring each continent with you and give you all the inside info about where to go for your perfect holiday!

Summer Destinations

Our first continent we have explored is Europe. If you are travelling from Britain, prices to go to Europe are pretty cheap, thanks to budget airlines. With over 40 airports in the UK, there are many flights en route to a range of countries in the European continent. Whether you want to go for a shopping trip, relax on the beach or to party, Europe is easily accessible and has a lot of culture waiting to be embraced.


Spain is the place to be when it comes to the classic beach holiday. With just a short (and likely, cheap!) flight you can be whisked away to a sandy coastline, with the Mediterranean at your feet. A hidden wonder is Almeria’s Genoveses beach.

With no bars or bustling restaurants on the beach front, this is perfect for those wanting escape from the outside world of traffic, bustle and noise. You’re also guaranteed sunshine, given its high cliff and dry atmosphere.



Paris, London and Milan are of course the go-to shopping destinations. But the unsung hero is Geneva, Switzerland.


It has designer boutiques and department stores in Place du Molard, as well as the wealth of interesting and creative independent stores in the surrounding streets and villages such as Carouge.

The combination of the two, alongside the compact city size and efficient tram system ensures that there is no better place to get some shopping done for those who have been exhausted by the big cities.


Berlin and Ibiza are popular party-destinations for clubbing fanatics, but the city of Budapest is a unique destination to party away the summer. The Hungarian capital is renown for its grand spas but at night, these are transformed with music, booze and lighting into extravagant bath parties that may be ideal for those who want a change to the normal nightclub routine.

Another popular and unique place to dance the night away is the ruin bars of Budapest, where old houses become bars for the night owls.


Sight Seeing

Rome is renown for its historical sights, especially the Colosseum and museums. But the Greek city of Athens could be perfect for those wanting an urban personality to their historical tour.

Athens is a perfect amalgamation of cultural heritage with the Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon, and metropolitan sprawl, in terms of the vibrant nightlife and thriving art scene.


Family Time

The Algarve region in Portugal is perfect if you want to jet away to Europe with your family this summer. Mild and sunny all year round, the region enjoys dreamy blue waters, golden, sandy beaches and hidden caves across its coastline.

Children and adults alike can enjoy watching dolphins, given that it is one of the best European destinations for dolphin-watching.


Active & Adventurous 

For those who can’t sit still, even on holiday, we have the perfect solution to keep you active in Europe. Croatia is not only beautiful and scenic, but it also offers a multitude of potential avenues for the adventurous.

From cycling in Istria’s hilly towns to adventure sports in Split, you can book onto a guided tour so you can enjoy (and wine and dine!) without any of the hassle of getting lost!


Watch this space for more holiday destinations across the world!


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