F1rstman and Hosai to Release First Official Collaboration with ‘Nakhre Tere’

After crossing over 30 million views with their popular Desi Mashups, F1rstman and Hosai have collaborated to release their first official song, Nakhre Tere.

Nakhre Tere promises to boast Bollywood beats and panders to the highs and lows and being in love. The duo’s first official song is produced by Harun B and released on F1rstman’s own record label At F1rst Music.

The 28-year-old from The Hague, Netherlands has been busy releasing new music of late. After winning awards for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Collaboration at the BritAsia TV Awards in 2019 and performing at major festivals across Europe, F1rstman indulged fans with new songs such as Tere To and Dom Dom, before his latest single with Hosai.

For F1rstman and Hosai Nakhre Tere, is the first official song the pair is releasing after their successful string of Desi Mashups. For the 24-year-old Hosai from Arnhem, Netherlands, Nakhre Tere is the first Desi/Bollywood song she will be releasing. Where the social and energetic Hosai previously focused on Dutch and English music working with artists such as Shaggy and DJ Sidney Samson, she has diversified her musical talents.

To accompany the track, F1rstman and Hosai have released a candy shop themed music video, which makes for the perfect pick ‘n’ mix colour palette.

Nakhre Tere is releasing soon on all platforms.