Farah Khan: I wanted to run away in the first year of my marriage because it was very difficult to adjust

Farah Khan recently made an appearance on a TV show, wherein Mika Singh is finding his life partner. During the shoot, the choreographer-turned-filmmaker spilled the beans on her own married life.

Reminiscing the initial years of her marriage with editor-director Shirish Kunder, Farah said, “I feel that there is no standard age of getting married, you should marry when you find the right person. I wanted to run away in the first year of my marriage because it’s very difficult to adjust.” Farah and Shirish Kunder tied the knot in December 2004. The couple welcomed to triplets — Anya, Diva and Czar in 2008.

Recently, Farah opened up about the failure of her third directorial ‘Tees Maar Khan’. She told BT, “I still recall how Tees Maar Khan was ripped apart and though people said a lot of things about it, the film made money. I’ve been a fighter and a survivor. After Tees Maar Khan, I didn’t want to step out, even though I was winning an award for the choreography of Sheila Ki Jawani. My mother-in-law encouraged me to go for it. So, through time and the ups and downs, I grew older and wiser, and had kids. Everything changed with time. Today, I’ve realised that whatever is yours will come to you. I’m not insecure anymore. I used to be that person, and I hate that feeling today. Of course, as human nature would have it, a lot of times, people get happy when someone’s film doesn’t do well; it’s an industry trait and uska kya kar sakte hain. Today, I know that my movie will be made whenever and with whoever it’s destined to.”