For former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, ‘lighting is everything’

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan may be out of power but he is in no way staying out of news. Earlier, he had become a point of witty conversation by calling himself a donkey. Now again his video has gone viral on social media in which he is giving knowledge on cameras and lighting. Social media users are trolling the cricketer-turned-politician for his ‘Lightning is everything’ remark.

The viral video is before one of his speeches, which was shared by some Pakistani journalist on Twitter. He is talking to some of the interviewees present there about photography and lighting. People are now using Imran Khan’s “lighting is everything” as a quotable quote in various ways.

So here’s what happened: As Imran Khan was preparing for a speech, he talked about some of the interviews and their visual production. Speaking about his recent interview, Imran Khan expressed his opinion that he didn’t like the lighting of the interview. “Check everything,” he said, urging technicians to make it “professional.”

He said, ‘Lightning is everything. It should be good, if your lighting is not right, then everything is bad.”

Visibly preparing for the speech, Imran Khan then asked, ‘So, where should I start?’ Netizens found the comment hilarious and shared the ‘lighting is everything’ quote on their photos.